Welcome to the MA Comp Study Page!

This wikipage was created to encourage MA students to virtually engage in group study exercises as they prepare for their comprehensive exams. Although students are welcome to use this page in whatever way they find helpful, you may want to use it to collaborate on answers to previous comprehensive exams, for example. To get you started, we have included the January 2011 Comprehensive Exam to get you started. Feel free to contact the MA Program Advisor, Kara Reynolds (reynolds@american.edu) for more information or help.

Getting Started

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  • You can use the discussion tab to have conversations with other students about the page.

Need Help?

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  • The latex language makes it easier to type math on your wikipage assignments. A quick guide to latex is included on the tab to the right.
  • I also recommend http://www.lucidchart.com. This site allows you to collaborate on charts with your fellow group members, then create a link to the chart from your group wikipage.